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2019 Sherman Bearcats Football Preview


SHERMAN, TX - The heat is on in Sherman in more ways than one, not only has it been triple digits all week, the Bearcats are in the midst of an intense quarterback battle between last year's backup Tate Bethel and newcomer Trenton Hardin, the good news, they like their chances no matter who wins the job.

"Both kids are very mobile and both are pretty accurate with the ball, so it is just going to be a different type of game for our quarterbacks," said Sherman head football coach JD Martinez.

"They are both hard workers and they both can get the ball there, they just need to keep on focusing and keep on doing their thing," said Sherman senior running back Miketavion Brown.

"They are definitely competing like you said, they are coming out here and working everyday just like everyone else at their positions and I think we are going we are going to be fine, I think we have a good core," said Sherman senior receiver Gage Smith.

The quarterback position may be changing this year, but don't get it twisted the Bearcats are bringing back plenty of talent especially on the offensive side of the ball.

"We are returning four of the five offensive lineman so that is definitely a strength and you have got Mike Brown who is going to be back and we have three of the four receivers who are going to be back so offensively we are pretty good," said Coach Martinez.

"It is great to see all of us returning and we are getting a little more of a pass game in so we do not have to run the ball as much so they do not expect it," said Brown.

That versatility is going to be essential if Sherman is going to arrive at their ultimate destination in 2019.

"Like coach is always saying we want to hold up those gold balls, win the district and keep on going as far as we can," said Brown.

"The goal is to win district because we have been to the playoffs now and we are ready to take that next step, we are ready to hold up the district championship," said Smith."