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2019 Collinsville Pirates Football Preview


COLLINSVILLE, TX - There is a new captain for Pirates football as Garrett Patterson takes over as the head football coach and the Collinsville native is already making an impact on his squad.

"He is just a good guy and he works us hard and he knows what is best for us and is just trying to make us better everyday," said Collinsville senior running back Trey Shelby.

"He is a good man, he is teaching us a lot and letting us learn so we are just out here getting it done," said Collinsville senior center Jackson Boswell.

"They have done a really really good job transitioning obviously because I am these senior third coach so it is going to be a little more difficult for them because it is a brand new face again but they have done a great job, from Coach David to Coach West and now me and you can tell that they have won a lot of games just based on the effort that they give and the expectations that they have," said Collinsville head football coach Garrett Patterson.

Those expectations are well earned as Collinsville has won playoff games each of the last two seasons and with another talented group it is a very realistic goal to continue that trend this season.

"It is exciting, I am really excited about the kids, they have really done a good job of buying into the system," said Coach Patterson.

"It is a process right now, we are just trying to figure it out right now, but I am sure we will get it done," said Boswell.

Besides the coaching staff nothing has changed regarding the standards this program has built over the last few years and the Pirates seniors are pumped for what is ahead.

"I am pretty excited, I fell like we are going to have a pretty good team this year and just get after it," said Boswell.

"Things have been going great and we have been able to just come out here and fly around and work on what we have been doing all summer," said Shelby