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2019 S&S Rams Football Preview


SADLER, TX - No one likes a losing season, even worse an 0-10 season, but after enduring a 2018 to forget S&S is ready to rebound in a big way with their new head Ram, Josh Aleman.

"What a great opportunity, you know the success of the past does not have anything to do with me, but the success of the future does and we are in a district with teams that could play for a state championship, so that is a great measuring stick for us to show up and play football or any sport that we do against the best," said S&S head football coach Josh Aleman.

Even just a few days into Coach Aleman's first season at S&S the players already know their new leader means business.

"Coach Aleman has brought a lot of intensity I mean this man is no joke, he is ready to work and we learned that real quick," said S&S senior running back Devin Jackson.

"He is not here to be our friend he is here to be our coach and he is starting a reputation that best is the standard and coming off the season we had last year we want to be the best and do whatever we can to win," said S&S senior defensive end Elyjah Herrin.

Winning is in Coach Aleman's DNA as he has spent his entire football career learning from the best and if he is anything like his college coach we are in for a real treat.

"Coach Mike Leach has a lot of different strategies and I am definitely going to use those, I can not tell you what offense or defense we are going to run because nobody knows me around here so we are going to hold that in the bag until we get to competition," said Coach Aleman.

There is nothing wrong with holding your cards close to the vest, but one thing Aleman is not hiding is how pumped he is to have his new gig.

"We have been up here for two weeks getting ready for today and we could not be more excited to get started here at S&S," said Coach Aleman.