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Symphony in the Flint Hills organizers apologize after cancelling event


The organizers who canceled a major event in Kansas due to severe weather last weekend are apologizing to ticket holders.

The Flint Hills Symphony draws thousands of people each year, and now those people are out the money they spent for an event that did not happen.

Storms battered Kansas over the weekend, toppling trees and knocking out power to thousands.

Some of the worst damage was felt in Chase County, where a microburst soaked fields and took down tents set up for the thousands of people planning to attend the Symphony at the Flint Hills on Saturday.

"The microburst flattened -- depending on how you count them -- four major event tents. It included our ticketing, patron and sponsor tent, food and art and retail," said Christy Davis, Symphony in the Flint Hills Executive Director.

For an event that takes all year to plan, organizers first postponed the symphony until the next day. But that plan was changed again.

"As Saturday wore on, the extent of the damage became clear," added Davis.

Thousands of ticket holders, some from out of state, learned the event was being canceled and that their tickets were non-refundable.

"Our policy is clear, it's the same policy too that we've had from the beginning in 2006. It's clear on our website, it's clear at our ticketing platform," said Davis.

On Wednesday, organizers explained their insurance policies, which cover their property on-site and the safety of attendees, but do not extend to ticket costs.

"If you were people who had saved your money to come here from a long distance to come to our event, you're bound to be disappointed," admitted Board Chair Mike Stout.

"I do just want you to know we're sorry," added Stout. "We will straighten it out, we will get our bills paid, we will continue with our programming events next year, and we'll be back with a signature event in June 2020."

The Symphony at the Flint Hills will offer 2019 ticket holders priority to buy tickets to next year's event.

Organizers also say they're planning to offer "Flint Hill experiences" throughout the year to honor ticket holders.

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