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Help dries up for Wichita mom trying to give dying sons a new home

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"It is very frustrating.  I really thought everything was taken care of," said Heather Sims.

The Wichita mother is trying to extend the lives of her sons struggling with a deadly genetic disease, but says offers of help have dried up.

We first told you about Heather's wish to provide her sons with a new, more comfortable home on Mother's Day.

"It's the last thing I can do for them, is make sure their time from now until the end is absolutely happy and filled with peace," she told KAKE News at the time

She says at first, Kansans stepped up to help fulfill that wish.

"We got an outpouring of support.  We had contractors come forward, electricians come forward.  Things were going really well," she said.

They've gotten a lot of the work done.

"It's coming together.  It's getting there.  We just have to have it finished," she said.

But even as move-in day approaches, they've hit a roadblock.

"This week, kind of at the end of the road, where we have to move in or be homeless, we stopped getting returned phone calls from a lot of the people that had offered to help," Heather said.  "And some of them backed out."

That's left her scrambling to find the last few thing she needs to make their new house a final home for her sons.

"With all the storms and rain that we've had, we've got a lot of water damage (in the basement).  We need the drywall pulled out and replaced, a couple of leaks fixed," she explained.  

She says they also need concrete so they can pour a new patio in the backyard, to make it easier for the boys to get to the pool.  The current patio is rotted wood and not safe.

Heather says their neurologist believes getting the boys into the new house with access to that swimming pool for therapy will not only help relieve their pain, but maybe even extend their lives.

"The only two completed spaces in the house, without the flooring, are the boys rooms," Heather explained, showing off what they have managed to get done in the house.

While some things, like the patio, can still be finished after they move in, the deadline to make the house liveable is fast approaching.

"We have to be out of our (current) house by the 18th, no matter what," Heather said.  "That's our drop dead, get out, you need to go."

If you'd like to help, they have a GoFundMe account for the house renovations, message her on Facebook, or call the station and we'll pass your information on to Heather.