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Trendy baby names that may surprise you


What's your name? 

If you're now 30 years old, the most popular baby names when you were born included Michael, Jessica, Christopher, Ashley, Matthew and Brittany, according to the Social Security database that keeps track of trends in given names.

Boy, have things changed.

Nameberry is an online service that monitors trends in baby-naming. Their Top 1,000 list currently features an array of baby names that might have been thought odd back in 1989. Here are the Top 5 as of April 3:

1. Isla Milo
2. Olivia Jasper
3. Posie Asher
4. Aurora Atticus
5. Cora Silas

Talk about trendy: Isla (pronounced eye-la) was #103 on Nameberry's list way back in 2017.  "Isla is part of a trend for simple, old-fashioned girls’ names that start and end with a vowel," the website says.

Milo was even further behind just two years ago, the 224th most popular name in Nameberry's survey. "Milo has long been a highly recommended author favorite boys' name, now getting some well deserved appreciation," the site says.

Traditionalists, take heart: Michael still checks in at #185 on Nameberry's list, although Jessica -- the No. 1 baby name of 1989 --  has slipped to #439.

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