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Spirit AeroSystems workers concerned as Boeing 737 Max 8 planes grounded

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Wichita aircraft workers are nervous after President Trump grounded all Boeing's 737 Max 8 Jets. 

The action comes after two deadly crashes involving the passenger planes. 

Marvin Ginyard works on the 737 Max 8 at Spirit AeroSystems every day. 

"I'm on a 737 max, so yeah, it's the planes we work on," says Ginyard.

When we met Ginyard, he had just found out that the president had ordered all Max 8's to be grounded. 

"By the end of the day, FAA has to do what they have to do," says Ginyard.

Now, he and other workers worry what the decision could mean for their jobs. 

"We were worried of course because that's our livelihood," says Ginyard.

"It does make me nervous. It makes all of us nervous. Everybody's walking on eggshells right now, but we're just gonna continue doing our job, making production, doing what we know is right," says Brent, who also works for Spirit.

Two Boeing 737 Max 8 planes have crashed in the last six months, killing everyone on board. The most recent was Sunday in Ethiopia. Several countries grounded the jets right after the second crash. The order to ground the planes in the U.S. was made after the FAA received new evidence suggesting safety concerns.

"Any plane in the air will go to its destination and will then be grounded until further notice," says President Trump.

Spirit manufactures the main body of the airplane, but employees say they're confident in their work of the Max 8's.

"Could be a technical issue, could be a training issue, but it doesn't appear to be anything manufacturing wise," says Patrick, who works at Spirit.

We reached out to Spirit, and the company directed our questions to Boeing. Boeing says it remains confident in the safety of the 737 Max 8, but fully supports the decision to ground the planes out of an "abundance of caution."

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