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Can tinted glasses relieve screen time eyestrain?

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Some people suffer eyestrain after staring at screens all day long. Some people suffer eyestrain after staring at screens all day long.

DENISON, Texas -- It seems like most of our day, we're looking at some sort of screen: Computer, TV or smartphone.

But what does all that screen time do to our eyes?

"There is an increasing phenomenon which we are seeing that's being labeled as 'computer vision syndrome' or 'digital eye strain,'" Denison ophthalmologist Dr. Vijay Khetpal explained.

Doctors say you don't blink as much when focusing on these devices.

"So the surface of our eye tends to get dry," Khetpal said.

That can cause a burning sensation, headaches, and sensitivity to light. But there's a new product available online claiming to stop the effects of digital eye strain: Blue light-blocking glasses.

"They seem to be mostly promoted for conditions such as difficulty with reading computer screens, so the excess light coming from the computer screens seems to be affecting people's vision and causing strain in the eyes," Khetpal said.

The glasses have become popular on social media, where some people swear by them. But do they actually work?

"The benefit of it is still questionable of how much the blocking of blue light would improve or reduce strain from computer screens," Khetpal said.

However, doctors do recommend them for other conditions like night vision problems, especially those who have an inherited eye disease.

"They tend to find that blocking the blue light seems to help their night vision significantly," Khetpal said.

If you are suffering from digital eye strain or are considering blue light-blocking glasses, talk to your optometrist.

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