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Congressman Ratcliffe responds to SOTU


DENISON, Tx --- Tuesday's State of the Union Address, made by President Donald Trump, has people reacting from all sides. Today, Texas congressmen John Ratcliffe weighed in on the president's words. 

""As he [President Trump] said, the state of the union is strong, a roaring economy, peace and prospierity at home and abroad, the defeat of radical Islamic terrorism and ISIS, all of things Americans should applaud and celebrate and appreciate for where america is as a country" Ratcliffe told KTEN. 

Ratcliffe also pointed out surprising moments he saw during the speech. "I think the most important and significant take away was when the president expressed that america would never be a socialist nation and you saw democrats struggling with that," said Ratcliffe. 

Border security was a key topic of the address, and as democrats continue to push back, the Republican Congressman said he's unsure if a wall is likely. "What president is probably heading towards is not a shutdown, but he will sign long-term funding but it wont include a border wall," said Ratcliffe. 

The congressman did share more of his optimism with KTEN, for both the country and for Texoma. "We are very clearly benefiting from the policies that this administration has been willing to implement with the respect of tax cuts, deregulation, farm bills. All of these things have great impact in our area and creating economic prosperity and development in Texoma."