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Want to Be YouTube Famous? Here’s How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2019!



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The life of an influencer seems like a dream come true.

Between the sponsored deals, flexibility in schedule, and having a huge fan base, it seems like an exciting world to dive into. However, those things didn’t come without hard work and creativity. Luckily for you, you can start your own YouTube channel too.

It’s still pretty fresh into the new year so don’t waste any more time. It’s okay if you’re a tad nervous or scared. Taking the leap to start your own channel can bring tons of benefits such as having a creative outlet and becoming part of a booming online community.

If you’re stuck on how to get started, keep reading. We will show you how to start a YouTube channel.

Share Your Passions

It’s obvious when someone is talking about something they don’t know or care much about. It can be not only uncomfortable for them but uncomfortable for the viewer as well. Spare your viewers the Office-like cringe moments by uploading videos covering things you love.

As silly as it may seem, you can sit down with a sheet of paper and write down subjects you could be interested in covering. You can even sit with a few close friends and ask them what they think you love.

Topics of coverage can include makeup, health and fitness, Hollywood gossip, silly challenges, ghost hunting, and sports. You could even cover the weather if that’s what makes you happy.

Remember, you don’t have to cover the same thing in every video unless you want to. Many people cover a variety of topics.

Choose the Right Equipment

While it’s not all about the equipment you use, quality of equipment is important when starting a YouTube channel. Your equipment will grow with you, but too bad of quality can turn people off from watching your channel.

You’ll need a camera that takes decent video. It doesn’t have to be a fancy DLSR, but it should do the job well. If your budget allows, invest in a good microphone to make sure all audio comes through clearly.

As far as the post-production process, look into your options for video editing. Choose what software works best for you, and watch some tutorials for editing tips. Your editing style will develop as you continue.

If your first few videos seem rocky in terms of editing and equipment, don’t sweat too much. Starting a YouTube channel is a learning curve.

While editing, it’s also crucial to never forget good music. Tons of sites have YouTube background music you can use. Use them to avoid copyright issues.

Spice Up Social Media

Once your YouTube channel is created, you’ll want to link people to your social media so they can keep up with your life even when you’re not uploading. This can include Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

As your audience starts to grow, think about your social media presence. Are you engaging daily with your audience? Are you posting content that is true and beneficial to your image?

Once you start gaining popularity, make sure to also practice safe habits on your social media. Never disclose your location or intended location. No one wants strangers showing up while they’re just trying to enjoy a salad.

Something you can do to gain followers on social media and YouTube is develop a consistent brand. This can include creating a logo, using a set palette of colors, and having consistency in your feed.

To gain and keep followers, you can also run contests on your social media. Tell them on a post that to enter they have to tag 3 friends and comment on your newest video. This will keep engagement and numbers high.

Create a Schedule

One of the quickest ways to lose followers is not posting on a set schedule. When starting a YouTube channel, take a while to decide how often and when you’ll be posting.

It’s best to start out with one video every one or two weeks and then move up. If you promise too much while you’re still learning the ropes, you’ll burn yourself out.

Many YouTubers post up to 3 or 4 times per week, but most of the time that’s because they make a living off of videos. Chances are you won’t quit your job to start a channel so you won’t have as much time.

When selecting a day to upload videos, think about how much time it’ll take to film and edit. If you’re busier during the week, choose Monday to upload a video. This way, you’ll have Saturday and Sunday to edit.

Networking is Important

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to know another online influencer. Building your network and reaching out to other influencers is important to help grow your audience and brand.

If you live in the same city as fellow YouTubers, offer to meet them out for a cup of coffee to discuss future collaborations. Even if they aren’t YouTubers but have a large online presence, talk to them.

You could create videos together, run a contest together, or just help each other with video ideas and editing. Discussing new ideas and brainstorming is always beneficial in the creative world.

To go more outside the box, connect with a professional on the subject you speak most about. If you like talking about sports, contact an athlete for an interview. If makeup and style is your game, talk to a makeup artist and have them on for a transformation video.

Tips on How to Start a YouTube Channel

Starting your own YouTube channel seems scary at times, but if it’s done correctly, it can be amazing. Above are tons of tips on how to start a YouTube channel so make sure you review those.

Once you’re set on starting a channel, take some time to sit down to develop subjects to cover and a schedule to follow. Look into quality equipment, editing software, and music for your channel.

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