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Dog owner urges awareness after dog park attack


DENISON, Texas -- A dog's ear was partially bitten off by another dog at a recently opened dog park in Denison.

Danielle Frankland wants to urge other dog owners to have fun at dog parks, but still pay attention to your pup.

"I think a lot of people forget that just because your dog is allowed to run loose doesn't mean that you don't still have to pay attention to your animal,” Frankland said.

Frankland took her dog Sprout to the Denison dog park earlier this week. At the park another dog approached them aggressively.

“Trying to chest up to a dog to entice him to either submit or to get aggressive, so it’s a common thing in male dogs, so he did that and Sprout wasn’t really interested so we just walked to a different part of the park.” - Frankland

That wasn’t the end of the situation. The dog came back.

“As soon as he got within distance he just lashed out really quickly and ran up to Sprout and just bit him across the head and then ran back away. It was really fast. It only took like maybe two seconds,” Frankland said.

Luckily the injury wasn’t serious. The other dog only bit off part of Sprout’s ear.

“He’s just so friendly, like so positive. He was absolutely paying no mind. He was still trying to play with other dogs and just getting blood all over them. It was really pretty sad,” Frankland said.

Frankland said this in no way turns her off of the dog park. However, she does want others to be sure to keep an eye on their dogs.

"I'm always right where he is. If he runs to the other side of the park like I'm with him because as a dog owner it's still my responsibility to make sure he still has a proper attitude, that he's not being too rambunctious with other dogs, that he's playing nice, not stealing toys as he has a tendency to do,” she said.

On opening day the park held etiquette classes. It’s something they are fundraising for in order to do again.

“We’re going to start etiquette classes and use that funding for events and etiquette classes as we move forward,” said Animal Service Officer Novardo Johnson.

The city is aware of the incident, but no reports have been filed.

"We're looking forward to pups coming out and having events here and really having fun here,” Johnson said.

 “It’s not that a dog park is a terrifying place and don’t take this like, this is definitely a freak accident,” Frankland said. “I’ve been going to dog parks for years and this is the first time I’ve seen anything like this happen. So it’s definitely not something to be afraid of, just there needs to be good awareness like you need to know your dog and be aware.”

Park officials said if you do notice a dog being aggressive or if an incident does happen get your dog on a leash and call the number posted at the entrance of the park.

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