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Gunter Takes On Holiday In Playoff Rematch


GUNTER, TX - "We are really excited, we love football and we have always had a high standard here and being able to be focused and play how we play," said Gunter senior defensive end Steele Culp.

Whatever the Tigers have been doing over the last few years has been working. Their lone loss in the last three seasons was in the 2017 state title game and the winningest coach in Gunter football history knows just how impressive and difficult it is to maintain that level of excellence in the state of Texas.

"It has been fantastic to see the culmination of all the work our kids do and to see them be able to enjoy some big playoff wins has been awesome," said Gunter head coach Jake Fieszel.

"We come at it every week like it is just another week, we do not do anything different but I am excited to keep on going," said senior slot receiver Dylan Jantz.

While Gunter would be excited to be playing Holiday in the regional final anywhere, they will not have to travel far after winning a coin flip. They will play this game at Munson Stadium in Denison and they expect a huge crowd this week.

"We won the flip with Holiday and they took Wichita Falls and we took Denison and we were fortunate enough to win that, so hopefully that leads to us having a really good fan base and supporting our kids," said Coach Fieszel.

"I do not really like taking the yellow buses about two and a half hours everywhere, so being only in Denison it will be a good game and it should be packed," said Jantz.

"It will be packed more than usual especially with us being one of the last teams in Grayson and to be able to have everybody come out and support us, it will be a good game," said Culp.