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Game Of the Week: Week 9 - Lone Oak vs Bonham


 BONHAM, TX - "We are having a lot of fun. Whenever you are successful like this it is fun to compete and do the thing that we love to do day in and day out," said Bonham senior quarterback Tyler Rodriguez.

Everyone on the Bonham roster has enjoyed their success success this season, but none more than this senior class who have already won more games in 2018 than they had in the previous 3 seasons combined.

"It has been pretty good, just knowing that we are the senior class that has gotten this program to succeed," said Bonham senior center Blake Wells.

"To see these kids get to go out and experience the joy that they have gotten to experience and do special things like that last Friday, that is why we coach to allow our kids to get to experience that," said Bonham head coach John Fish.

"We know we are going to do our jobs and as long as we stay calm and cool that is why we have continued to be successful in those situations," said Rodriguez.

While the success of the 2018 Bonham football team may have surprised many people, their head coach is not surprised at all that his guys are winning big.

"It was funny, when I took this job I told everyone that the expectation is to go win a district title and people looked at me like I was crazy. From day one I set foot on this campus I knew if they could just buy in to what we do here that we would be extremely successful," said Coach Fish.

"We have a saying that we want to eat playoff turkey and we want to advance off of that and keep going, but it has been a lot of fun and we just want to keep going as far as we can," said Rodriguez.