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Leonard High School students make kill list


LEONARD, Texas -- Two Leonard High School students are suspended from school after allegedly making terroristic threats to students and faculty.

"It was one of those situations when you don't know until you're in a situation such as that,” said Leonard Superintendent Brad Maxwell.

Last week Leonard High School found themselves facing terrorist threats from their own students.

"Last Wednesday we were notified that a threatening letter was circulating," said Maxwell.

That letter, made by two female students, was a list titled 34 people to kill. It contained names of both students and faculty members.

"This issue was supposedly done as a joke, but in today's world we cannot take anything lightly,” said Maxwell.

The district’s 900 students were shocked the most.

"I had friends who were on that list and that made it scarier to be like are they okay,” said student Faith Jones.

"I know the people who wrote the list and I never thought they would do anything like that,” said student Preslie Watson.

Since the shooting at Stoneman Douglass High School in Florida Leonard ISD said they’ve increased security.

Therefore, when this list surfaced the school took swift action immediately removing the students from the school and getting Leonard police and the FBI involved.

"This is the first time we ever had to put our security into action, and it was handled in a way where I still felt safe,” said Jones.

The district also sent out a mass text, a letter, and called each person on the list individually.

"Keeping us well informed and safe was their number one policy and I think they performed well,” said student Trenton Peskero.

It was a difficult situation that showed the school's ability to act fast in the face of danger.

"Leonard ISD is a safe secure environment, they are going to be dealt swiftly and addressed," said Leonard.

There is no official word on the final punishment for these girls, but the superintendent said they won't be back on campus for a while.