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Game Of the Week - Week 4 - Denison vs Frisco Reedy


 DENISON, TX -  "We are moving the ball, our defense is playing well at times, offense is playing well at times and we just have to put it all together," said Denison head coach Chad Rogers.

One of the main reasons the Yellow Jackets offense has come together so quickly is the steep learning curve of their first year starting quarterback, Cade Gordy.

"Cade is an extremely hard worker. He improves every day and he comes in with a motivation and just gets better and better everyday," said Denison junior wide receiver Zaelin Wimbush.

"His passing game has definitely improved and I can see he is reading the defense very well now," said Denison senior safety Alex Pierce.

"He has played a lot of defense so he knows the speed of the game. He is as tough as the back end of a bowling alley, so he is tough and you know he is going to bring that to it, but he is getting better and better each week at controlling the game and doing what we need him to do," said Coach Rogers.

"Scoring a lot of points is a confidence booster and we have all really stepped up. we are pushing forward and we are just going to keep on going," said Denison senior quarterback Cade Gordy.

The Denison offense has gotten off to a fast start and the speed they play at is not only helping them put points on the board, but keep points off of the board as well.

"Offensively we are so fast that after 10 plays I am already out of breath," said Denison senior defensive tackle Ethan Ellis.

"The offense goes against the defense and it is a struggle we do not even get out calls out so I know the other teams must be struggling and that is really what our offense is built on is just moving fast and we try to be the fastest team in Texas," said Pierce.

"Our offense is improving, we are going faster and faster and that is our goal, wear teams down and that is what we have been doing. Hopefully we score more points this week," said Gordy.