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Ardmore hosts 'Lunch and Learn' about new laws

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- New liquor laws and medical marijuana sales are right around the corner for Oklahomans.

Ardmore city leaders want to make sure there's no confusion when it comes to the new laws. The city and the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce teamed up for an event at the convention center to educate businesses on the changes. More than 100 people showed, up eager to learn more about these issues.

"We got together and they approached us about the opportunity to have this meeting to present this information especially from the attorneys' perspective,” said Chamber vice president Tyler Young.

He said the new liquor laws are tricky, and even more so with medical marijuana.

"That’s coming up quick, and there's either a lot of misinformation or people are just unsure on what the rules and laws are,” Young said.

He said the event was an important one for businesses in Ardmore. He wants them to be sure they know what they're getting into when these changes pop up.

"Unfortunately, that day is creeping up on folks, and we're not sure everybody is in the know,” he said.

Young says he hopes people now understand even more about these issues.

"I think there was a lot to be learned, and I hope that our businesses and members can gain something from it today,” he said.

It's not yet clear if the Chamber will accept medical marijuana dispensaries as members once they open. Young said that process is a complicated one.

The Chamber would have to present that option to its board members before they could partner with dispensaries, if they even want to, but that's still further down the road.