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Hugo Buffaloes Football Preview


HUGO, OK - "Nobody gravitates to mediocrity," said Hugo head coach David Barker.

That is the mindset that the Buffaloes new head football coach has brought to the program and his no nonsense style has won his team over quickly.

"We have a lot of things we need to improve on, but we are taking it a day at a time," said Hugo senior quarterback Matt Bray.

"Everybody is hustling, we just have our off days but everyone is pushing through seniors are being leaders and that is all we can ask for," said Hugo center Ryan Baker.

One of the main reasons for optimism in Hugo is that will open the season with something every high school football team wants, a senior quarterback.

"I can not give less than 100 percent. I have to be dialed in and trying to learn as much as I can for everybody," said Bray.

"I wish I had Matt for three or four more years. He is extremely intelligent, he is one of the hardest workers, he is one of the captains and he makes me sleep a little bit better at night knowing that he is so intrinsically motivated to be successful," said Coach Barker.

Along with a returning quarterback, Barker hopes his presence can bring stability to a football program that has had more than a few head coaches in recent years.

"It is really simple, it is about being consistent. They have had a lot of different coaches over the years and I think these guys are excellent. When they have had some consistency, once they have had it two or three years you are going to see that this is one of those places people may not want to play after awhile," said Coach Barker.

"We want to stay disciplined and we want to have a winning season this year. We have the players to do it we just have to dial in and do it," said Bray.

"As upperclassmen we want to have a winning season. We have had two bad seasons and we want to make the most of our final season," said Baker.

"We are going to work until we win and if we are not winning then we are not doing something right enough so we are going to fix it," said Barker