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Bonham Warriors 2018 Football Preview


BONHAM, TX. -- It's been a year of change for Bonham football. It starts with a new head coach, as John Fish takes over.

"He's making it a lot easier," Bonham senior Tyler Rodriguez said. "He's a great coach and a mastermind. He's done amazing stuff before and I think he will do that with us."

"He's all about speed," Bonham senior Hayden Stevenson said. "Everything we do is play fast and keep the ball moving. 40 speed, lightning something like that." 

"It's a great geographical location, it's a great community and a great place to be," Bonham head coach John Fish said. "That was a huge draw for me. Obviously, I came and saw what it was and get my feet on the ground. It hasn't disappointed."

The Warriors drop down to 3A-Division 1, with a combination of old and new faces, but they don't believe it makes the journey any easier.

"It really won't have any impact on us," Rodriguez said. "As long as we do what we do and compete the same, we'll do great.

"When you look at our schedule, just because we're 3A, I don't think the competition weakens," Fish said. "I think it just evens the playing field for us and everyone else."

Despite the goals remaining the same, Bonham is aiming to get off a playoff losing streak and win the school's first playoff game since 2013.

"Our roof is sky high," Bonham senior Gaige Cravin said. "We have the ability and the capability to do anything we want to."

"We want to eat playoff turkey." Fish said. "There is nothing better than playing some playoff football in Texas on Thanksgiving. From there you see what happens. Expectations are sky high and we want to bring the district championship home to Bonham."

"We're very excited, I feel like we will do great this year," Stevenson said. "We're going to turn up, can't wait to see what we do."

Bonham opens the season August 31st against Mt. Vernon.