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Tishomingo Indians Football 2018 Preview


TISHOMINGO, OK - "We are building a program from the ground up. Everything is new, the staff is new and the expectations are a little bit different. The kids are working hard and they have adapted to it well," said Tishomingo head coach John Sullenger.

For Tishomingo their new head coach has brought a fresh voice and lots of energy to the football program.

"He is an awesome guy, he is a great motivator and he is going to work us out until we get better," said Tishomingo senior running back Kreed Haskell.

"We get our work done but it is also not stressful and more lad back," said Tishomingo senior right guard Dylan Byles.

"He was a little bit more laid back at first, just trying to get kids to play and come out, but now that we have our team we are getting after it," said Haskell.

While the seniors and Coach Sullenger hope 2018 has more wins in store for them, they know lots of work has to be done before week 1.

"I think it starts with that commitment and dedication and focus on team. Having pride in your community and being a part of something bigger than myself, those are the things that we are focused on right now," said Coach Sullenger.

"It is very important to leave a legacy that you want people to remember you by," said Haskell.

"I know my expectations are that our kids go out there and we win the first football game and we build on that success. We are going to work as hard as we can and we are going to try to establish a winning tradition around here. Tishomingo has historically been a football school and has kind of fallen off a little bit lately and we are here to get that back," said Coach Sullenger.