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Fox Foxes Football 2018 Preview


FOX, OK - "The kids are working hard, the attitude it practice, you can't beat it," said Fox head coach Brent Phelps.

That passion for the game and work ethic is exactly what a small town football program needs and the 2018 Foxes will not be lacking in either of those departments.

"We have to have people who want to play, if not we are not going anywhere," said Fox senior right guard John Whitbey.

"We have a lot of kids out here who really love the game because this is all we have really," said Fox senior quarterback Jimmy Bivings.

"No matter what sport you are coaching or where you are doing it, you want people who love the game. When they have a passion for the game they are going to put more effort in on the field and they are playing right now not only with that passion for the game but with a love for each other and that is what has to be first," said Coach Phelps.

A by product of pouring blood, sweat and tears out on the football field together is strong bonds that will last for these players long after they leave Fox.

"Close friends, I mean always hanging out and everybody know what everyone is thinking. Everyone is like a twin here," said Bivings.

"It is a family. Everyone is here for everyone else if we ever need anything. It helps a lot to know that everybody is here," said Whitbey.

"Right now the strength that I would put at the top of the list is the cohesion of the players. They are supporting each other and they are pushing each other and that is something that it is tough to put a value on because it is so important to what we are doing," said Coach Phelps.

What the Foxes plan on doing is returning to the playoffs and there is one opponent they have there eyes laser focused on.

"We have tough teams ahead. We have Tipton and they are always physical. Every year it is just Tipton, Tipton, Tipton and that is what we are looking forward to," said Bivings.