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Marietta Indians Football 2018 Preview


MARIETTA, OK - "He is working us hard and our offense is killer, so that will be a plus," said Marietta junior center Cody Hicks.

A high octane offensive attack is just the start of what Indians new head coach Sam Powers has in store for Marietta football in 2018 and he knows it all starts upfront with Cody Hicks and the big fellas upfront.

"We are going to be the best line in the district," said Hicks.

"I think that we have a really good offensive line and I think that we are big and strong and I think that presents a challenge for some people in our district.  We have really good skill kids and I think that is going to give us a chance. Our strengths are offensive and defensive lines, they give us the best chance to win this year," said Marietta head coach Sam Powers.

A new head coach always brings changes with it, but that is not the only difference for the Indians this season, they will be facing some new teams on their district slate.

"I'm excited to go explore that and play some new teams that we have not played before," said Marietta senior quarterback Zack Spanglo.

While there will be a few unfamiliar matchups, Coach Powers and company are even more excited to see those teams they know very well.

"I think most of the faces are pretty familiar. We are pretty local. I do not see too many new faces which brings some rivalry games. I do not see any extra excitement, I just see motivation to succeed," said Coach Powers.