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Ringling Blue Devils Football 2018 Preview


RINGLING, OK - "It feels a little different knowing it is my last year for it all," said Ringling senior Caleb Stewart.

"It feels a lot different, but I am really excited and I think we have a shot to be really good," said Ringling senior Travis Wade.

"It is my senior so I am just trying to make the most of it," said Ringling senior Zackary Cargile.

Caleb Stewart, Travis Wade and Zackary Cargile are not the only Blue Devils on a mission to leave their mark on the Ringling football program in their final season.

"We are a senior dominated team. I think we have 10-15 seniors and all of them have played and have experience. As a first year guy at a place I really couldn't ask for a better situation and it was left in good hands," said Ringling head coach Philip Koons.

The hands this talented roster was left in are those of Philip Koons, who is getting his first taste of small town football and after a full summer with this squad things are coming together nicely.

"It is going good, I like him a lot and I think everyone else does too," said Stewart.

"It is going great so far. We all change a little bit over time and they have responded to everything I have thrown at them and it has been really good," said Coach Koons.

For Koons coaching in Ringling is a dream come true.

"God has really blessed me to put me in Ringling, Oklahoma. With the Gandy tradition I definitely feel some heat to live up to that. They win football games around here and I am used to winning a little bit as well, so it is a great situation and I am just looking forward to it," said Koons.