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Ardmore Tigers Football 2018 Preview


ARDMORE, OK - "I didn't sleep much last night, probably like every other coach in Oklahoma. It is a neat time of year the kids are having fun," said Ardmore head coach Josh Newby.

For Ardmore the new season can not start soon enough after some tough luck caught the Tigers late last season.

"It makes me want it even more because I didn't get to be a part of that. We are looking forward to taking down anyone who is our way," said Ardmore senior quarterback Tero Roberts.

"You have got to stay healthy, you have got to make plays, but having all of your kids healthy is a big deal and hopefully this year we can avoid all of those injuries, especially in the latter part of the year," said Coach Newby.

"We have a chip on our shoulder from last year, I believe we can win it all," said Ardmore senior lineman Trenzel Johnson.

"It is good to be back out here with my guys after being hurt last season and I am just looking forward to winning that gold ball. That is our only goal," said Roberts.

That is there goal every season at Ardmore and one of the main reasons they think they can do it this year is their senior quarterback Tero Roberts.

"It is nice having a returning quarterback. He was in the fire last year and he did a good job. He got injured but he was in the huddle for some of the big moments and we are excited about Tero," said Coach Newby.

"I just need to continue to grow and continue to help my teammates and hopefully get that gold ball," said Roberts.