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Gunter Tigers Football 2018 Preview


Winning is what the Gunter Tigers do best, and the sights have been set high in 2018.

"There is no minimum to it," Gunter senior Dylan Jantz said. "I expect a state championship from this team, nothing less."

The Tigers are aiming for a third straight trip to the 3A-2 state championship game, and they know it'll be another tough journey to get there.

"We understand that everything restarts this year," Gunter Head Coach Jake Fieszel said. "Just because we've had success in the past, doesn't mean that we are automatically going to have success this year. We've got to earn it every single day and that starts with our seniors."

A senior class that is 39-5 so far, and ready to put more numbers in the win column. 

"Watching the past seniors, I started in my sophomore year," Gunter senior Braiden Clopton said. "To be able to play with Trey Carr, he was one of the best leaders I've ever played with. To learn and watch him was amazing, I'm going to try to do what I can to be a leader on this team."

One thing the Tigers don't need to worry about anymore, cutting the grass on the field.

"Our school board, administration and community made this (turf) happen," Fieszel said. "We've got a beautiful facility and one of the best in 3A. We're excited and can't wait to play our first game here."

"It's a blessing," Jantz said. "With everything that the school board did for us. It's amazing not playing on sand for the first year. Not having to shower and it be all awful."

Gunter opens the season August 31st at home against Daingerfield.