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Coalgate Wildcats Football 2018 Preview


COALGATE, OK - "I feel pretty good, I mean I know the offense pretty well. I have been under Coach Green for five years now since junior high, so I am pretty comfortable with what is going on," said Coalgate senior quarterback Austin Lambert.

"Anytime you have a young man like him who has started for 2 years and has really done an excellent job both of the past two years, it really gives you an extreme advantage. The communication process really becomes easy," said Coalgate head coach Rob Green.

Senior quarterback Austin Lambert is not the only veteran returning and that has the Wildcats poised for a big 2018 season.

"We have got a good nucleus of veterans coming back. Kids that have started for us for two and three years so we are able to jump right into the middle of it, so we are feeling pretty good about things," said Coach Green.

"Our graduating class I have been playing with pretty much since I started playing football, so everything is pretty much like the old days," said Lambert.

"It is nice for everyone to be coming back. There is not a whole lot of teaching, it is just getting back into the rhythm basically and just getting ready for the season," said Coalgate senior running back Blade Horton.

"We should have good leadership with the number of two and three year starters that we have. They know the expectations here at Coalgate and they expect them to be met," said Coach Green.

"I mean the ultimate goal is a state championship. At this point it is just normal for us with everybody coming back," said Horton.