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Dickson Comets Football 2018 Preview


DICKSON, OK - Tucked behind the Dickson Comets practice field is a symbol of where they have been and where they hope they will never be again.

"One thing we did this spring is we actually took a notebook piece of paper and we wrote down one bad memory we had, related to football, and we had a little burial ceremony," said Dickson head coach Steve Day.

"He had has write down one flaw we had or a regret from the season and then we buried it so it is in the past and we do not want to look back on it and just get better from there" said Dickson senior defensive end Judley Cox.

"I was not ready to think about it and true to our word we do not talk about anything from the past season, we are just looking forward," said Dickson senior linebacker Spencer Throneberry.

The Comets hope this buriel of bad memories is another step in the right direction for the football team and it all starts with their head coach.

"We had a different coach every year before Coach Day and this is his third year so it is better because it gives us motivation to keep going," said Cox.

"You can see the attitude around the whole program changing, more than just the football players, but people who come to watch," said Throneberry.

"It definitely has a different feel this year. There are guys who have played a lot of football. We have a number of starters returning and it might not even be there second year starting, it might be there third or even their fourth year, so there is a lot of experience and it definitely has a different feel," said Coach Day.

"That is what it takes to get the wins up is have people show up and buy in and pay attention. We have a three year coach and we have been in the system so we are trending up for sure," said Throneberry.