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Sulphur Bulldogs Football 2018 Preview


SULPHUR, OK - "We are a whole lot more physical than some teams who just like to spread us out and pass on us, but we will just come right at you and run it down your throat," said Sulphur senior running back Trey Kiser.

"I think big time it is an advantage to be a physical team because most teams now are finesse," said Sulphur head coach Jim Dixon.

"After awhile it is hard for them to take and that is what we do and we are going to keep doing it," said Sulphur senior linebacker Mason Lance.

That smash mouth style of football is made even easier when you have a great offensive line as Sulphur did last year and if they hope to have the same success in 2018 they are going to need some big contributions from some fresh faces.

"We are having to rebuild our offensive line. We lost about all of our offensive lineman and half of our defensive lineman, so upfront is where we need to rebuild," said Coach Dixon.

"We are just coming out in practice and trying to get better so they can come out on Friday nights and just do what they do and they are young, but they will learn quick," said Kiser.

"They need to get some comradery going, there is no doubt about that. These kids have worked their tails off all summer and I think the togetherness will be there, we just have to get better on our technique it is as simple as that," said Coach Dixon.

"You have to have chemistry because if you do not have a line to block for you then you are not going anywhere. It is a chemistry thing with you and your line. You have got to know what they are going to do and they have to know what I am going to do," said Kiser.

While for most teams Sulphur's 2017 season would have been a huge success, the Bulldogs found themselves wanting more.

"That does leave a bitter taste in our mouth and we are just trying to get back to the playoffs and start at round one and see where we go from there," said Kiser.

"State champs obviously that is what we are going for and district champs obviously," said Lance.