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Howe Bulldogs 2018 Football Preview


HOWE, TX. -- It's a new season and a clean slate for the Howe Bulldogs.

"I think we have great things coming," Howe senior Spencer Akins said. " We're all in it to win it, we're working hard and taking practice serious. We're ready to do it."

Howe is coming off a season where it only tallied one victory, but they believe this year will be different.

"We were beyond ready," Akins said. "Last year was rough, but it gave us more courage to do better this year.

"I was really ready, I was pumped," Porter said. "Last year wasn't good, but this year will definitely be different."

Bill Jehling takes over as the head coach, but he says the Howe tradition of running the ball will definitely continue.

"We're going to be 90 percent run, 10 percent throw so we control the clock," Jehling said. "I believe defense wins championships, our best 11 will always be on the field defensively because it doesn't matter if I score 36, if they score 37 we lose." 

"Summer workouts were good, he was yelling at us every day, encouraging us to get better and we did," Akins said.

Running their way to what they hope to be a memorable season.

"I love all my teammates, all the coaches we've got," Porter said. "We're going to be special this year."

"We've got a strong senior class, they younger kids have bought in and we have about 80 kids playing football this year," Jehling said. "You never want to predict that you'll be district champs or undefeated, but the community should expect a big improvement and a competitive football team every Friday night."