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Denison Yellow Jackets 2018 Football Preview


The Denison Yellow Jackets couldn't be more ready to hit the practice field once again.

"Everything is just getting real," Denison senior left tackle Ryan Riddle said. "it proves that it's time and that it feels right. Feels like something needs to happen."

"These guys have lofty expectations for the season and we're excited to get this thing started," Denison Head Coach Chad Rogers said.

The Jackets will have a new quarterback this season, as Cade Gordy steps into the position.

"It's nothing new," Gordy said. "Just ready to rock and roll, we've been working hard and we have a good season coming to us."

There is a mixture of old and new faces on both sides of the ball, from a team that is coming off a second straight trip to the postseason.

"Offense and defensive line has to be a strong point for us, those kids are as strong a group as I've ever had and they work well together," Rogers said. "As everybody knows, as the line goes the offense goes, and as the line goes the defense goes. They are going to have to get after it early and kind of carry us as we start to mature a little bit."

"It fells pretty good," Denison senior cornerback Decurious Smith said. "There are some new kids here, we're going to be prepared and work hard like we always do."

Don't let that fool you, they like to have their fun, too.

Denison opens its season on August 31st against Sherman at home.