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Plainview Indians 2018 Football Preview


ARDMORE, OK - "There is a lot of excitement when we are getting started, the kids were real fired up when they go here today," said Plainview Head Coach Joe Price.

As they should be. Plainview is coming off a great 2017 season and returns plenty of key pieces for 2018.

"I think we have a lot of returning starters everywhere. I think we only lost 10 guys or so. We will be ready. It feels really good being a senior, but I am ready," said senior receiver and safety Britton Sperry.

"It feels weird, just being the top dog on the team now, it just feels weird," said senior running back Kent Wright.

"I think we have a lot of returning players that have really matured over time and with a lot of guys last year that were sophomore and juniors, now they have a year of experience under their belt so I think they are going to be ready to go," said Coach Price.

Both the youngsters and upperclassmen alike will have to be ready right away because their head coach does not have any cupcakes on their schedule before they get to district play.

"We have got a really tough preseason and it is kind of one of those deals were you have to take it week by week. We can not get ahead of ourselves because we have good opponents all the way," said Coach Price.

"We feel really comfortable on both sides of the ball. We can score and we can stop them and that is all you really need," said Sperry.