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Denison icon donating new preschool

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David Munson is donating a new preschool in Denison. (Courtesy) David Munson is donating a new preschool in Denison. (Courtesy)

DENISON, Texas — A 90-year-old Denison icon is giving back to his hometown in a very special way with the priceless gift of education.

If you are from Denison, the name "Munson" probably rings a bell. And this family which has given so much to Texoma is about to give a whole lot more by donating a new preschool center on the city's north side.

"We're going to see a very high school facility built here for the children of this area," said Tony Kaai, president of the Denison Development Alliance.

David Munson Sr., now 90, is the man behind the project. He lives in Dallas and says he plans to build preschools for thousands of children across Texas. But the one he's building in Denison is special.

"This school that I am building here is replacing a school built by Shepherd McCollum," he said.

McCollum was a friend and mentor to Munson, and Munson says this new school will be dedicated to him.

"This is a sentimental value to him for the guy who helped got him started," said Kay Luper, director of the Jack & Jill Day Care Center in Denison. "The children in this area as well as the parents will get a better education."

The new preschool, to be called Educational First Steps, will be built at the corner of Armstrong Avenue and Martin Luther King Street on the city's east side — across from Jack & Jill Day Care and next door to the Greater Texoma Health Clinic.

"We're going to see some parking expansion on our end, and we are very supportive of the project," said Harry Kirshman, president of the clinic's board of directors.

Munson said the school will be able to serve more than 100 children at once, and is set to break ground in the fall. Plans are for the facility to be open by June 2019.

"He has a passion for young kids," Kaai said. "He has a passion for Denison, and so those two things together has been the driver for Mr. Munson.

And David Munson says he plans to return to Denison for opening day.