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Pottsboro Ready for a Meaningful Baseball Series


POTTSBORO, TX. -- When we think of meaningful baseball, we think of playing deep into the postseason. When each game seems to matter more, but for the Pottsboro Cardinals, This weekend's meeting with white oak in the regional semifinals expands on what meaningful baseball truly is. 

The Pottsboro Cardinals have a full head of steam going into the regional semifinals.

"I'd say we are really hot right now," Pottsboro Junior Coby Langford said. "We have a lot of motivation going for us. We're really coming together as a team, trying to achieve a goal."

"It's going to be a lot of fun," Pottsboro senior Hunter Watson said. "It's going to be emotional, a little bit of nerves going into it, but I think we're ready to go."

It's the first time this college of Cardinals has made it this far in the playoffs, so nerves understandably can be on the high side...

"It's kind of funny, you can look at them and tell some of them are nervous, which is good," Pottsboro Head Baseball Coach Bart Williams Said. "Nerves are good sometimes, it means it's important to them."

Still, The Cardinals haven't lost a playoff game yet,  and have won 19 of their past 21 contests. 

"We're fired up," Watson said. "We're playing together and we're playing more than just baseball. There are a lot of other things going on around here that we are playing for. I think we're playing well."

This week's matchup and the rest of the playoffs will be more than racking up wins, it's about helping a community heal.

"A baseball field should be your refuge, that's where you can get away from something," Langford said. "That's what baseball is for us and that's what we are using it as."

"We've got a couple of guys on our team that played on the state champion golf team," Williams Said. "Them being able to get out here and play, just to do something else, it's pretty important."
"It helps us all rally together, we want to go get a state championship for Nate. We want to do this for him," Watson said.

Pottsboro and White Oak will play a three game series with the following schedule:

Thursday: Pottsboro vs White Oak - Game 1 - 7 PM at Paris Chisum

Friday: Pottsboro vs White Oak - Games 2&3 - 6 PM at Paris Chisum (If necessary, Game 3 will be 30 minutes after Game 2)