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ECU Tigers Football Enter Spring Practice With New Leader


ADA, OK – There is a new head man of the ECU Tigers football program and his name is Al Johnson.

“Already people are buying in to the system, which is something since I have been here has been a growing process, but then in the three months he has been here the culture has changed tremendously. People are buying in and we are working hard,” said ECU senior defensive back Justin Hayden.

“I just like the feel he is bringing. It is a real family feel and he just wants to win,” said ECU senior wide receiver Tre Harvey.

“He has been there and he has done it, so you would be silly not to listen to him. He has been every step of the way where we are trying to go and where we are trying to get,” said Hayden.

“It is cool being a college football player that is what a lot of people are dreaming to do to go play pro football. You get to come out here and get some knowledge from him and his accomplishments and what he got to do in the NFL,” said Harvey.

The addition of new head coach Al Johnson has brought new energy to the Tigers football team and everyone involved with the team knows that their success in the fall starts with these practices in the spring.

“Players make the plays and the coaches are just coaching them. I am not going to make a single play next year. Our job is to find a position and put them in it so that they can be successful and I think that is our main goal, to get better technically and make them a better team,” said new ECU head football coach Al Johnson.

“ We are treating these practices like we have a game tomorrow. We are trying to come out here and bring intensity and work hard and make each other better,” said Harvey.

“These guys have a lot of ability even though they do not know it yet. I look forward to about ten more practices with them and the future is bright if they will keep working,” said Coach Johnson.