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Grayson Introduces Men's & Women's Basketball Coaches


With an introduction from Athletic Director Mike McBrayer, a new era of Grayson College basketball begins. With coaches that are far from new to the JUCO tour.

"I've either recruited in this league, or coached in this league for up to 28 years," New Grayson Men's Basketball Coach Scott Monarch said. "I'm very familiar with this program. We played here."

"All my stops I've learned something," New Grayson Women's Basketball Coach Bill Dumath said. "I've worked for good people and I think I'm a much better coach than I was eight years ago." 

Both will bring in their own style of play, which has been successful at previous stops.

"There is an old East Texas saying, 'You put your hay in the barn and when it comes to the game you take your hand out and you're ready to feed the cow," Dumath said. "We're going to have our hay in the barn and be ready to go come game night."

"I only know one way to play, and I'm definitely looking forward to this opportunity to build a program from the ground up," Monarch said.

Damuth and Monarch both know that winning comes with having talent on the court, but that's not limited to inside the gymnasium walls.  

"I'll recruit wherever I have to to get them," Monarch said. "I remember at Marquette we signed TJ Taylor from Denison. I'm going to recruit wherever the players are, I'm not biased."

"We want them to have an attitude of appreciation for the scholarship they are on and the education, what the community is doing for them" Dumath said. "We're just going to give back for everything we receive."