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First and Ten Game of the Week - Week 5: Wichita Falls vs Denison


DENISON, TX - Texas high school football is revered in a way that most activities never will be and here in Denison, the honor of suiting up in the black and yellow under those legendary Friday night lights comes with an added responsibility to their entire community and everyone who wore that uniform before them.

“We have been playing football here for 116 years here in Denison, Texas. Obviously I was not here for the first and I will not be for the last,” said Denison head coach Chad Rogers.

“It is important because it has been here for awhile and there have been a lot of people that have been involved with it and a lot of people who are still around that have been involved with it. The success of our teams that have come before us is the reason that we have the facilities that we have because of the success of the teams in the 90’s and 80’s, so we are going to pay tribute to them before the game and we are excited about that and about honoring them,” said Rogers.

“It is great because we have everything we have because of them and what they have done,” said Denison senior receiver Dalton Sauther.

“The grow up looking over at the stadium saying I’m going to play there someday, so there is a lot of dreams that have been planted, whether you played junior high football at Munson Stadium or some of our little league football is played there. They all have dreams of playing there on Friday night,” said Rogers.

“It feels good, I love playing with my team, we execute pretty good and we just love for everybody to come out there and watch us,” said Denison junior Decurious Smith.

“They know what it means, the crowd comes out and we have great support in the community. It is going to be an exciting night. It always is when you are at home in Denison, Texas,” said Rogers.