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National Amputee Golf Championship Arrives In Kingston


KINGSTON, OK – For many of us golf can be a frustrating game, but if you need some perspective on what the game is really about take a look at the members of the National Amputee Golf Association.

“I got started with a bunch of friends just like us out here that were playing golf and were amputees and I really got interested in it. I had never played golf before I got hurt,” said former President of the southwest region of the Amputee Golf Association, Roy McCoy.

It is men and woman like Roy McCoy all over the world that inspire us all.

“They are absolutely amazing, amazing athletes.  From one arm, no arms, amputee, double amputee and they do not care. They are having fun, they try hard and they play very very well.  We worry sometimes about us having issues, no. These people are very inspirational out here,” said Director of Golf at Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club, Ryan Chapman.

“It gives people like us that have some difficulties a challenge and a chance to compete and when you can compete sometimes you can win and I think that carries over into the rest of your life,” said McCoy.