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First and Ten Game of the Week - Week 3: Kingston vs Madill


MADILL, OK - The Super Bowl of Marshall County is a huge deal for both Kingston and Madill.

“We are eight miles apart. We have got a lot people who live in Madill that went to Kingston and a lot of people who live in Kingston that went to Madill and we all go to Wal Mart on Saturdays together so whoever wins gets bragging rights for a year,” said Kingston head coach John Caraway.

“When I went to speak to the Rotary Club here in Madill the very last question asked of me was, well coach we enjoyed your talk, but are you going to beat Kingston?” said Madill head coach Drew Young.

“It is all intensity, that is what it is going to be the entire game and whoever comes out with more of it is the one who is going to come out on top,” said Kingston senior running back Dalton Williams.

While the winner of this game every year gets bragging rights, the 2017 Marshall County Super Bowl champ gets to brag for the foreseeable future as this will be the last year they play for awhile due to Madill’s move to 4-a next year, a fact that has only intensified this rivalry.

“I mean it has been a rivalry since when my mom was in school. The big thing is painting that trestle because once we paint it this year it is done over with,” said Madill senior running back Traven Bagley.

“Whoever wins this one is the owner of the trestle and the owner of the cup for the next 10 or 15 years or whenever we play them,” said Kingston senior receiver Stoney Lowe.

“Well, since I am a senior and this is the last time we play them for a while, it would be pretty special,” said Madill senior linebacker Tanner Edmonds.

“After you lose, I mean I have lost to Kingston before and I cried, after you win you are just happy you go over to paint the trestle, you don’t even take a shower after the game,” said Bagley.

“We are definitely going to celebrate hug each other and hold up that cup and probably post some pictures on instagram because that is a big deal,” said Lowe.