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First and Ten Game of the Week - Week 2: Pottsboro vs Gunter


GUNTER, TX – The Pottsboro Cardinals are no stranger to success as they’ve been perennial district champs in recent years, but this week they face the Gunter Tigers who won a state championship last year which is what the Cardinals hope to do in 2017.

“That is everyone’s goal is to go and win a state championship. You know they had a great year last year and they’ve got some guys coming back this year and we will see Friday how it goes,” said Pottsboro quarterback Hunter Watson.

“Gunter presents a lot of challenges. One of the reasons we play each other is its two really great programs and they are a very physical team and a well coached team. For us we get to see where we are as a team. We know they are going to execute real well and play great defense. It is going to be a great challenge,” said Pottsboro head coach Matt Poe.

“It is a great opponent and it will be a challenge but I think we are all just fired up and ready to get after it on Friday night,” said Watson.

Meanwhile in Gunter they know that after winning a state championship, they will have a target on their back every single week especially in week 2 against a talented Pottsboro team.

“Every team we play this season will be trying to beat the state champions,” said Gunter receiver Leyke Reed.

“We are focused on making sure our team is ready to play each and every week and make sure we execute at full speed on Friday night,” said Gunter head coach Jake Fieszel.

“We like to take challenges and put ourselves in playoff-like situations early in the season and prepare ourselves for later in the season. We say if we take a hard challenge now we can take it later,” said Gunter running back Zach Lowe.