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Kansas artist Myron 'MT' Liggett dies at 86

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Courtesy Larry Hatteberg Courtesy Larry Hatteberg
Courtesy Larry Hatteberg Courtesy Larry Hatteberg
Courtesy Larry Hatteberg Courtesy Larry Hatteberg

The outspoken Kansas artist M.T. Liggett, whose hand-sculpted art lines a stretch of Highway 400 in southwest Kansas, has died. He was 86.

Retired KAKE anchor Larry Hatteberg says he met with Liggett at the Kansas Heart Hospital in Wichita a couple of months ago. He says Liggett knew he was going to die.

"This is not a huge surprise," Hatteberg said.

Liggett's art is hard to miss. Along highway 400 in Kiowa County west of Mullinville, his metal sculptures gyrate, tease and taunt. 

Back in 2010, Liggett told Hatteberg, "You can make millions, and millions, and millions and have a big ranch and do all of this other kind of stuff and you're dead 10 years and everybody forgets about you. This stuff will be here in a hundred years. So I have left a legacy. I'm going to be here," Liggett said. 

No one was immune, no political party left out. He was like an editorial cartoonist, using the land as paper and the welding rod as his pen.

"And if I piss you off, then I've got done what I started to do," Liggett told Hatteberg.

He's been written up in the Wall Street Journal, a host of other newspapers and his work is featured at The American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore.

Though Liggett said he hoped his final days would be lived out in his shop, it's unknown when his last piece was completed.

"I'm damn sure not going to wind up in a rest home defecating and urinating all over myself and slobbering...I ain't. That's not going to happen. I'm going to die, I hope, right over there in that shop."

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