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2017 Pottsboro Cardinals Football Preview


POTTSBORO, TX. -- One thing never gets old for the Pottsboro Cardinals, and that is winning football games. 

"My expectations are to win a district championship and play with great effort," Pottsboro head Coach Matt Poe said. "That's what we coach our kids to do."

The Cardinals have won 6 straight district titles under Coach Poe, and this year they will go for number 7.

"It's just different than any other football program," Pottsboro senior Ethyn Snider said. "The intensity level is at a whole 'nother level than any other sport we play at Pottsboro. It's, like, a completely different animal."

To accomplish that, the Cardinals will have to once again face the challenges brought by one of the most complete districts in the state.

"I mean every game will be a battle, it just depends on how we play, and everything," Snider said. "We've had some success in the past, but it's never been easy."

"Our number 1 goal is to win a district championship," Poe said. "That's what our goal is every year and we'll try to do it again. We have a tough district, and it's a lot easier said than done, but it's our goal."

"It's a pretty tough district, but if we practice hard out here and with our coaching staff, I think we'll be alright," Pottsboro senior Ross Hendrix said. "Hopefully everything we do here on the field translates over on Friday night."

So far through the first few days of fall camp, Coach Poe says the team is on the right track.

"I think we'll play with great effort," Poe said. "One thing they showed us yesterday was that they were ready to play and retained a lot of information from the spring and last fall. The effort was very good and very intense."