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August 21 solar eclipse: What will we see in Texoma?

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SHERMAN, Texas -- In a matter of days, on August 21, Texomans can witness a historic event that happens maybe once a year around the globe: A partial solar eclipse.

"It’s like going from high noon to twilight in just a matter of seconds," said Dr. David Baker, director of the Adams Observatory and physics professor at Austin College.

The timing of the partial eclipse will vary slightly depending on where you are (click here for an interactive map); in the KTEN viewing area, the maximum coverage of the solar disc will be between 2:08 and 2:09 p.m. CT on that Monday afternoon. The entire event will last about two hours.

Just a few hundred miles to the north, the eclipse won't be partial; it will be total.

"The people in the path of totality, what they’re going to experience is so amazing," NASA scientist Dr. Nicki Viall added. "The moon is going to totally block out the main body of the sun, and they’re going to get to see the solar corona."

America is fortunate the total eclipse will move across the great Northwest, through the plains and even darken the skies in the Southeast, but here in Texoma sky, the moon will only cover about 80 percent of the sun.

"But even that is a remarkable event," Baker said. "It’s something that you can’t see any other place in our solar system. But at a total solar eclipse there will be a dramatic decrease in the brightness and a decrease in the temperature."

And while it will not impact our weather, experts warn against viewing the partial eclipse with ordinary sunglasses. Only certified solar eclipse glasses or filters are acceptable.

"If you’re in a partial eclipse, never look directly at the sun," Vial advised.

 And by staying safe, you can fully enjoy another one of nature’s magical moments.

"You see Jupiter, you see Saturn... it makes you realize how incredibly huge the universe is and how small we are," Baker added.

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