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Plainview Indians Football 2017 Preview


PLAINVIEW, OK - “I talked to the boys before we started today and I said it’s like the best day except for Christmas all year long. You know, I was like everybody else, I was excited last night and couldn’t go to bed and ready to get going,” said Plainview head coach Joe Price.

Senior receiver and safety, Grant Gorrell shared coach’s enthusiasm, “It’s great. Me and my dad used to throw the football around every day. I just love football here in Oklahoma.”

“It’s an exciting time for not only us but the community as well. They are excited about the upcoming season and everybody is asking questions and getting ready for the season. So, it is an exciting time for everybody,” said Price.

This time of year is even more exciting when you consider the Indians are expected to make a deep playoff run in 2017 and their seniors believe they know exactly what it takes to live up to those expectations.

“This year we are a lot more of a team. We’re getting together and we’re willing to do anything for each other. So, it’s really not that hard to get assignments done its just who has more endurance,” said senior running back, Coverson Jefferson.

“We’re a brotherhood. We don’t really have any big stars this year, but we just need to work together and do our assignments and it’ll go smooth,” said Gorrell.

Jefferson echoed that statement, “You just have to get over that hump. It’s just pushing that extra effort. We always talk about having that tough mentality.”

There is no doubt that Plainview football has their eyes on a state title in 2017.

Gorrell couldn’t help but smile when asked about what that would mean to him, “It would be great. It would be one of the highlights of my life to win a state championship in Oklahoma.”