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Texoma officers train for 'active shooter' scenarios

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DENISON, Texas -- There's no better way to learn something than putting yourself directly in that situation.

That's why Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training has come to Texoma.

"The great part about the alert training is the actual practical scenarios that you actually get to use," explained Jae Ricketts of the Denison Police Department. "It's one thing to go over bullets on a PowerPoint presentation, and it's another thing to get out there, put on this protective gear, get hit with simulation bullets that hurt."

These realistic simulations were driving the seven different Texoma law enforcement agencies working together on Friday's drills.

Training for an active shooter situation
Texoma-area police personnel train for an active shooter situation. (KTEN)

"If this happens in a community, multiple jurisdictions and officers are going to respond to it," said Sgt. Douglas Herrington, who is one of the instructors. "This training here puts everyone on the same page, the same sheet of music, so that when we go in there, we all understand the same tactics and principles that we need to accomplish."

After completing simulations, trainers provide constructive criticism based on how the trainees responded in situations that are hectic -- to say the least.

"It's a lot of loud noises, people screaming, other officers giving orders, a lot of moving parts," Ricketts said. "It's really great training to get to go through on a live base."

Training for an active shooter
Part of the active shooter training is dealing with the "victims." (KTEN)

But learning to locate and prevent the threat from causing more damage is just the beginning of the learning process.

"Once we stop the threat, that's when the real work begins," Herrington explained. "Now we've got to start saving all of these victims in here, applying medical, stopping the bleeding, and doing the best we can for these folks to get them out of here as quickly as possible."