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Fire investigation continues at Lake Texoma marina

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POTTSBORO, Texas -- Highport Marina said Friday that it is still waiting for official reports about what caused the fire that destroyed a dock and a number of boats on Wednesday.

"We are trying to get an idea of when they feel like it will be completed," the marina said in a tweet. "At that point, we can give you better information."

The marina said its staff is working with fire department and sheriff's office personnel as they prepare their reports.

"Any reports at this time would simply be reckless and speculative in nature," a statement said.

The State Fire Marshal's office in Austin said it does not provide updates while a case remains open.

"Thank you for your patience and kind consideration as we work through the complexities surrounding this week's fire at Highport," the marina said, adding that while the facility remains open for business, boathouse U -- the site of the fire -- and adjacent boathouse V.

Highport Marina map
Map details area of Highport Marina closed to the public after Wednesday's fire. (Courtesy Highport Marina)

"We ask that everyone be cognizant, patient, and give right of way and courtesy to the ongoing activities by the Fire Marshal, local authorities, and environmental cleanup teams as they continue their painstaking efforts to remedy the situation," the marina said.

No one was hurt in the inferno that burned for hours as boat owners watched helplessly from the shore.

Highport Marina fire
KTEN viewer Deonte Sanseverino shared this spectacular drone view of the fire at Highport Marina. (Courtesy Deonte Sanseverino)