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Lake Texoma fire investigation still ongoing

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POTTSBORO, Texas -- A good portion of the Lake Texoma community empathized with Highport Marina and the boat owners at U Dock Wednesday night after a fire burned down what for many is a home away from home.

After speaking with a number of families who owned vessels and property at the now-charred boathouse, they recalled trips out on the lake with families and friends. Now they're forced to start from square one.

"The [Texas] State Fire Marshal's office is investigating," said Grayson County Emergency Manager Sarah Somers. "They have not completed their investigation, obviously... they just got up here late this afternoon."

Fire Marshal Paul Ayers is leading that probe. "We're going to be pulling in a lot of our resources, including ATF, Texas Game Wardens, TCQ,  Army Corps of Engineers," he said. "They will all be out here tomorrow to start taking a look at what happened."

Somers added that the Grayson County Sheriff's Office would be securing the fire scene overnight.

"We just want to remind everybody it's dangerous out here still," she said. "So if folks owned a boat and they still haven't contacted anybody at the marina or been out here, it's best not to come out here tonight; wait until daybreak or contact the marina office."