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No injuries in massive fire at Lake Texoma marina

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POTTSBORO, Texas -- A fire marshal was examining the charred remains of U Dock at Highport Marina late Wednesday afternoon, hours after an inferno consumed multiple boats.

It took just minutes for massive flames to engulf the boathouse in a fire that continued to burn for hours. Black smoke rising into the sky from the marina near Pottsboro could be seen almost 20 miles away in Madill, Oklahoma.

Firefighters were successful in confining the flames to U Dock, one of more than two dozen docks at the sprawling facility.

"We had just got done cleaning a few boats, and basically a guy came running out of a boat kind of adjacent to us saying he needed a fire extinguisher," said witness Jaime Mason. "Couldn't find one, and it wasn't too much longer when the boat just went up in flames."

The fire then spread rapidly. The official cause of the fire is under investigation.

Drone view of Highport Marina fire
KTEN viewer Deonte Sanseverino shared this spectacular drone view of the fire at Highport Marina. (Courtesy Deonte Sanseverino)

"The good news is that everyone is safe with no injuries," Highport Marina said in a statement posted to Facebook. "At this time, the source of the fire is not known, and we will not know the cause until we get the official report from the fire department."

Boat owners arriving at the scene told KTEN they were devastated, estimating that the total property damage could top $1 million. Firefighters said as many as 20 boats were damaged or destroyed in the blaze; three vessels were "rescued."

The marina said "the fire on U Dock was extensive, and the dock itself is not salvageable." Highpoint Marina acknowledged that "several" boats have been impacted.

"We will update all of you once we have a plan in place to address the replacement of U Dock," the marina's statement said.

Fighting a fire at a marina is complicated by the fact that boats have tanks filled with flammable fuel. Efforts were underway to keep the flames from spreading to adjacent docks.

Pottsboro firefighters received mutual aid from other departments, including Denison and Pottsboro. They said their biggest issue -- ironically -- was getting a supply of water to the trucks on shore. When the initial smoke began to lift, several fireboats could be seen moving in to attack the flames from the water.

The thick smoke and temperatures in the 90s added to the burdens firefighters were facing. The American Red Cross dispatched a team to the scene to offer relief.

According to its website, Highport Marina is the largest facility of its type on Lake Texoma and features more than 800 boat slips.

In August 2011, a man was killed in a boat explosion and fire at Highport Marina. 

Firefighters battled another blaze at J Dock in February 2015.

Smoke rises from fire at Highpoint Marina
Black smoke rising from the fire at Highport Marina. (KTEN)