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'Spider-Man' burglar targets Grayson County businesses

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas -- One of your favorite superheroes is getting a bad rap.

It's not Batman, Superman, even Ironman… It's Spider-Man. And an intruder is using a mask in to impersonate the crimefighter as a disguise when breaking into local businesses.

"I'm sure it's happened before... we've had some unusual ones," said Denison police spokesman Mike Eppler. "Usually it's just a ski mask or something, but it's certainly something new."

The masked burglar didn't swing from tree-to-tree or roof-to-roof, but instead hurled rocks through glass windows at Fossil Creek Liquors. And that's not the only store to be targeted.

"Several local agencies are working similar types of incidents," Eppler said. "A substantial amount of products were taken, at and the convenience store, the One Stop-and-Go on Loy Lake Road there was quite a bit of cigarette products taken."

Knollwood Liquor in Grayson County was also hit, and while there's no telling whether "Spider Man" will strike again, police do encourage you to stay alert.

"Whether it's someone in the neighborhood or the business owner, whoever it is, if you see something that looks suspicious, if it catches your attention, it probably is suspicious -- so go ahead and report it to us," Eppler urged.

If you happen to have a spidey-sense about who this burglar might be, call your local authorities.