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Sherman moves closer to storm water fee

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SHERMAN -- A month ago, we told you about a proposed storm water fee in Sherman.  The City Council inched closer to approving that fee on Monday night.  

This storm water fee has actually been discussed for a long time now, after flooding claimed lives and caused millions of dollars in damage about 10 years ago.

Making headway on this levy took quite a bit of discussion Monday night. The fee would go toward things like storm water projects and drains.

Five Council members were in favor of the fee and two voted against it.

City spokesman Nate Strauch explained how the dollar amount added to the utility bills of residents and businesses will be determined.

"The way the Council chose to implement the storm water fee is based on impervious cover, so how much of your property -- be it a business or a house -- does not allow water to seep through to the ground. So that's driveways, parking lots, rooftops -- basically anything that covers the ground."

Even after all this time, the storm water fee fee is not quite a done deal. The Council will discuss it again in August. Anything approved at that meeting would not take effect until October.