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New information in Anna murder case

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ANNA, Texas -- We're learning more about Friday night's deadly shooting in this Collin County community.

It turns out that victim Corey Lamar had previously worked with suspect Ruben Christopher Jenkins.

Jenkins, 20, was arrested late Saturday night. Police now say the Allen resident was not alone in the vehicle when he drove by the house where Lamar lived along Creekside Drive.

"There were multiple people in the vehicle," said Anna police Lt. Jeff Caponera. "From what we can tell, the shots were fired from the street by one of the occupants, and the one we have in custody, we believe, is the shooter in the case."

Lamar, 25, had been renting a room at the residence on Creekside Drive. Police said they are still unclear about the motive behind the killing.

This is the first homicide case in Anna since 2005.