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Kicking off the Gainesville Rodeo with a "baaa"


GAINESVILLE, TX -- Friday night was the beginning of the tenth annual rodeo in Gainesville. Our own Cash Payne put on his boots and headed out there and he has the skinny on this Texas-town tradition.

Lots of competitors traveled from far and wide to ride some bulls and broncs, but the most important aspect of this culture is the rodeo family.

One rodeo dad, Cody Tucker said, "We just always kind of grew up around the rodeo arena. The horses and the team roping and stuff. Bull riding is something that we've always paid attention too."

"This is a very friendly, family friendly event, said Heather Lybbert, treasurer of the Gainesville Riding Club. "We have our cash scramble and that'll be for  (ages) 7 and under."

Cane Cook was one of those youngsters and he explained the event like this, "You have to line up and they'll put money down and when they say go you can get as much money as you want."

The cash scramble is an example of a unique family friendly activity at the Gainesville rodeo, but we all know the best event for kids at any rodeo is mutton busting.

Tucker said, "Its just something, he makes me proud whether he falls off in one second or rides to the other end of the arena. Last week we were on the way to the blue ridge rodeo and my mom was with us and she said you know what we were doing 30 years ago today? We were going to your first rodeo in blue ridge."

The rodeo will continue on Saturday, July 15. It will announce its royalty before coming to a close Saturday night.